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More About Us

(Probably more than you want to know)

          With a background in marketing and sports photography, we quickly found a love for all things photography. Our passion has spread to landscape photography, product photography, real estate photography, portrait photography, still some marketing photography and of course, wedding photography. We don’t find ourselves spread too thin however, quite the opposite actually. We bring skills required for each category with us into our wedding photography. Between the tight schedules, and hundreds of people, plus the fact that this day comes only once, we feel that wedding photography is an exposé and a test of all our skills combined, and we love it!


          Our love for meeting new people drove us into the wedding industry. Using cameras to capture moments so as to share experiences and serve as reminders of the most amazing times in our lives, led us to photographing. It only made sense to combine the two. With decades of combined experience in the wedding industry working in catering and tending bar, we began to notice those special moments throughout the day. Moments between bride and groom, or between mother and daughter, or those two uncles who seemed to hit it off. We quickly realized we needed to give up serving food and drinks and begin photographing these life changing events. For some it’s simply a job but for us it is a true passion. We take every wedding to heart and though we might just be your photographer in the morning, we will very likely become your friends by the end of the day.

Paul in the Rain.JPG

"Rain or Shine, we're in!"

          Speaking of friends, you’ll quickly see that Spencer and I being close friends as well as co-workers has served us well in our career. Bonding over our love for video creation as children is how we met in college, and our passion for photography grew with our friendship. We’ve been room-mates for nearly ten years, and Spencer will even be the best man at my own wedding when I marry the girl of my dreams in 2020 (I'm so excited!)! We learned how to use a camera together, on the same camera. Since then we’ve worked side-by-side at every job, every event, and with every camera purchase and upgrade. We never buy a new camera until we can both afford to buy the same new camera, so we can share knowledge or swap camera without skipping a beat. We share everything we have from knowledge to lenses to flashes and you’ll see that we have an unprecedented skill for reading each other’s mind when it comes to photo creation. Working so closely helps to make us the most efficient and effective photographers around.

Sugarloaf Sunrise-2.jpg
Sugarloaf Sunrise-1.jpg
Sugarloaf Sunrise-3.jpg

"Sunrise wedding at the top of a ski mountain?

   We're in!"

           We find that photography is equal parts capturing and creating. We will follow you without intervening in your day and simply capture each moment as it unfolds without becoming a burden. Then, when it comes time to step in and move you into some better light for a portrait, or ask your uncle or aunt to step closer into the group photo, we will happily and seamlessly take the initiative. If you're unsure how to pose for photos, don’t stress, we’ll walk you through it, making sure you look your best! All engaged couples have a natural chemistry, so it’s only a matter of working with you both for a bit until the language of your love matches the language of photography. Just ask anyone who we’ve photographed before, we make it easy, we get some awesome photos, and we all have some fun along the way.

Spencer Full Commitment-1.jpg

"We're not afraid to do

       whatever it takes to get the shot."

           Enough about us though, we want to hear about you! How did you meet? Where did you both grow up? What was running through your mind during the proposal? No two stories are the same and romantic movies don’t do justice to the excitement of truly finding someone you love. We want to hear all the details! We can’t wait to meet you and we hope you’re excited to meet us. Reach out to us via email, phone, or video chat, but as soon as possible, let’s sit down in person and really get to know each other. We are going to be a big part of your wedding day, the best day of your life, so we want to all get along. Let’s grab a drink and chat for a while, or pack some sandwiches and go for a hike! Maybe we can meet at your chosen wedding venue so we can explore together and find all the cool photo options. This is your day, and we want to do whatever it takes to help you make it everything it can possibly be.

Paul Kayak Photo-1.jpg

"Seriously. Whatever it takes."

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